Suggested Uses

While dealing with an aggressive cancer almost 20 years ago, I drew near to God and embraced His Word as never before. These verses helped me grow close to Jesus as My Healer. I saw God’s Word as medicine and I “took” it regularly and was filled up with God’s thoughts. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing (and hearing, and hearing…) His Word. There are other specific verses in which God convinced me that He is the healer. Conversely, the enemy, Satan, comes to kill, steal and destroy. I became convinced God wanted me healed. God’s Word is so powerful!

This booklet may be used in various ways. First familiarize yourself with it, then use it as God leads you to bless others. Here are a few suggestions of how people are using it:

  • Read a verse and expand on it when doing bedtime or dinnertime devotions with your children. Teach them at a young age about their identify in Christ and what the Bible says about them.
  • Give them to teens you know. There are so many who are hurting and don’t have a clue as to their true identity in Christ. God’s perspective is vastly different than that of the world.
  • Use the booklet in Sunday School classes or anywhere there are children and teens. Help them understand who they are in Christ.
  • Pastors may preach on the subject of “Who I Am In Christ” and give one to each family or individual in their congregations in the bulletins or on a table. (One pastor taught on “Identity Theft” and how the devil tries to steal the believer’s identity in Christ by lies and accusation.)
  • Many people use this booklet simply to build themselves up – just keep it in your Bible, car, purse, pocket, etc.and refer to it when you need a lift.
  • Slip them in birthday, Christmas, Valentines cards and in correspondence to friends and relatives. An electronic version is available to be downloaded or emailed.
  • Prison/jail chaplains use them in counseling of Christian prisoners and also as gifts for the general prison population at Christmas or whenever.
  • Give to teens in your church group and for Teen Challenge.
  • Use them in counseling sessions.
  • Use them at Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.
  • Bible School teachers can teach one verse from the red booklet each week to children. Create an entire lesson by expanding on the verse!
  • Take it with you on a quiet walk in the woods to focus on God.

And the list goes on…..

I’d love to hear your ideas. Please share them with me through the Contact Page.