About Us and the Booklet

But now in Christ, you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. ” Ephesians 2:13

Origins of This Booklet
Hello, my name is Kibby. All Christians have stories to tell of God’s leading and here’s part of mine. When God gloriously saved me over 25 years ago, an elderly Christian lady gave me a list of verses she’d written out and personalized in her shaky handwriting and said, “Honey, you’re going to need to know your new identity in Christ.” I gratefully took them and it has been a great help to me over the years. Later, the Lord impressed on me that it was to be made into a pocket-sized red booklet (the red cover would symbolize the Blood of Jesus), and that HE would make it easy to be translated and HE would carry it around the world. Through the years, He has faithfully done as He said. So far, the booklet has been translated into Spanish, French, Creole Russian, and Swahili. He has anointed me to persevere with this as well.

About the Ministry
It is a quiet ministry that my husband and I work on together. If anyone would like to participate by translating it into other languages, please feel free – the template is readily available. Please just email me a copy when finished.

We’ve fulfilled hundreds of thousands of requests for this booklet from people of various denominations throughout the world. They have shared the booklets with friends, churches, jail and prison chaplains, para-ministries, teen groups, children’s groups, conferences, etc. Everyone who loves God and wants to grow spiritually needs to know their identify in Christ Jesus! We ask that people who request booklets help us cover the cost of printing, shipping, and mailing by contributing 50 cents per booklet. Our desire is that the final recipient will pay nothing. Certainly, we are not seeking to make money – our desire is simply to see the booklet distributed because we know the Word of God is powerful and changes hearts and lives.

The booklet is for believers in Christ Jesus. Often, when people who are not disciples of Christ receive it, they decide they want to surrender their lives to Him and live for Him. The booklet includes a prayer of salvation in the Preface to start people on their way in their new life with Christ.

About This Website
The Bible says some very specific things directly to those who trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have surrendered their lives to Him. Knowing what God says is an important step towards realizing the promises and blessings God desires for you (of course, it is also true that Believers have responsibilities in their relationship with Christ as well, but that’s a different booklet). On this site I have listed some verses from the Bible specifically directed towards disciples of Christ. This is not a comprehensive list, so I encourage you to do some research on your own. It is also good to see the verses I have listed in the context of the passage. This collection of verses represents the identity and nature of disciples of Christ from God’s viewpoint – in other words, your identity in Christ.

The Booklet
For a number of years we’ve published these verses in the form of a small red booklet entitled Who I Am in Christ. Simply through word of mouth, many have requested the booklet in English and we have distributed hundreds of thousands of copies throughout the world. The content of the booklet can be found on the “Get the Booklet” page and is available in a variety of formats, and in a number of different languages.