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Below are different translations which can be freely downloaded, printed and distributed. Feel free to translate to other languages. Please send us a copy when you are finished so that it may be added to the site.
“Who I Am In Christ” (4 pages) – English – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ” (5 pages) – Russian – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ” (6 pages) – French – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ” (15 pages) – Arabic – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ” (3 pages) – Swahili – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ” (4 pages) – Spanish – Download/View
“Who I Am In Christ”  (13 pages) – Mandarin Chinese – Download/View

We’ve partnered with SpiritFit Music to provide you with a high quality audio version of the booklet which is available FREE of charge. This audio contains all of the scriptures from the booklet set to SpiritFit instrumental workout music – perfect for a walk through the park or your next workout.

To obtain your free audio version, simply visit the SpiritFit Music website and click the “Free MP3 download!” link in the upper right corner of the page. SpiritFit will email the audio file to you directly.

If you wish to order a supply of 32 page booklets (English only), please send us an email at and indicate the quantity needed. I will contact you via email to coordinate delivery and payment. We ask that you donate 50 cents for each booklet to help cover the cost of printing. Our desire is that the final recipient of the booklet pays nothing.